9 Ways to make you productive during a lockdown

productive during lockdown
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At the time of pandemic many countries have declared a total or partial lockdown. If you are not aware what a lockdown is then let me tell you that people are barred from coming out of their homes. Most shops and places are shut down except those providing essential supplies and services which may or may not be related to the problem which has caused the lockdown. You would be knowing that the world is fighting a pandemic called the Covid 19. It’s a deadly virus which has infected 1.4 million people and counting, around the world. Many people if not all are going through mixed emotions and uneasiness in this unprecedented time. Hence it becomes all the more important to keep ourselves occupied. In this article I will be covering 9 Ways to make you productive during a lockdown.


Lockdown can make you

Spending most of the time in your room or at one’s home can feel like a prison. Especially when you know you are that person who likes to go out, do their work, socialize a bit and then come back to your home. To put it another way it could be that we are habituated to work life culture or outgoing culture where now staying at our homes 24×7 makes us nauseated or sick. In fact there is a certain bit of drowsiness one feels throughout the day doing nothing but watching news. 


What you can learn from introverts 

Introverts are better at managing their time, particularly in these types of situations. Of course it doesn’t mean the ambiverts and extroverts are struggling most of the time. It’s just that introverts are more habituated to conditions which are currently persisting. But the one thing you should definitely learn from introverts is that self reflection goes a long way in improving your mental process. Maybe it’s time to self-reflect and look at things from other perspectives. Thinking can clear our mind about many unresolved issues that are bothering us. Life doesn’t always have to be a party, it can also be a serene and tranquil experience. It opens up one’s mind.


What you can learn from people who internally motivated 

People who are internally motivated are probably those who like to dream and have goals and ambition in life. They are everywhere. Some of them are struggling and others have reached their goal. But there is one common thing about them: they don’t need an external agency to oversee them all the time. They don’t need rewards or validation from people. They just keep working. You can do that too. 


Think about what you are going to do tomorrow a day before you are going to sleep. Set a long term target for the week and short term term targets like daily work schedules in mind. If you are able to finish them you can reward yourself by watching a good movie or series that day or after successful completion. It works for me. If I fail the target then I don’t reward myself. Instead I keep on working till work is finished. 

Okay, So here are  9 Ways to make you productive during a lockdown


  • A good sleep : for people who usually complain about not getting enough time to sleep. This is the time. You can have good night sleep and good short naps during the day while working. I take power naps in between work that helps recharge and takes the stress off of things.


  • If you have a family or live in one, make sure to talk to them and spend time with them. My brother works in the USA but daily talks to us. It’s almost like a habit that my family follows to interact in the evening after completing their chores. You should do that too. This is probably the best time to talk and spend time with family.


  • If you are not a very social person like me. Then you can stick to reading books. You may ask what good will it be? Books make us open minded. By reading books we better understand ourselves and make better choices in life. You should be able to make better decisions in life and books will give you that knowledge. If you say to me that you don’t have books. Then I say download free ones from the internet after researching the topics you want to read. (there are many available for free)


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  • You can watch documentaries. I do that. Documentaries are informative and interesting to watch. There is always something for you to learn from it. They like books that help in gaining profound understanding of things.


  • There are some very good movies or tv series that you were recommended but never could find time to watch. Well you can watch them now. I have recently watched “The King’s Speech”. It’s a wonderful movie about a king having speech impediment and how he overcomes it with help. Before that I had watched “Braveheart”. A great inspirational movie. 


  • You can write your experiences by blogging or diary entry. In many ways it has a therapeutic effect on people. Writing helps articulate thoughts better and de clutter one’s mind. We become much more organised.

  • You should definitely exercise. Some people would say what exercises can one do in a room. Well you can do push ups and crunches for starters. And let me tell it’s all that you require. Yes you cannot go out and run but you can do standing running. Even people living on ISS (International Space Station) have an exercise routine. Imagine how hard it is for them to work under micro or zero gravity conditions. Compared to that I think we still have a better bargain.


  • Health is the most important thing you should be aware of everything if you live in flats or in a society which houses many people in vertical structures. You should sanitize your space and door knobs more often. Also don’t forget to maintain good personal hygiene. At this time it can make all the difference in the world. 


  • I share important news with my friends and discuss it with them. Yesterday only I shared an update with my friend regarding vaccine development. We were talking about how long it will take to develop a vaccine and will it be available to all those who need it. Similarly we talk about other topics to better inform ourselves over the matter. Both my friend and I like to read and discuss over the matter. It helps us gain more clarity. However, you should know we don’t read or go through social media or Whatsapp messages. Our sources are guardian, science alert etc. I advise you to refrain from news that makes you perturbed.


So, here were some ways you can make most of your time during the lockdown.

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(9 Ways to make you productive during a lockdown)



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