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A Story of a Teenager

A Story of a Teenager Reading Time: 3 minutes

A Story of a Teenager

This is a story of a teenage girl living in the boisterous city of Delhi. For the sake of anonymity, let’s call her Surbhi. She was in her 10th class. Her parents were very conservative and restricted her movements in and out of the house. It was also because she is a single child and girl living in a city like Delhi.

But Surbhi was a very fun loving and an adventurous girl. She was also a very open-minded and content girl. She had a dream, as every teenager does, to travel the whole world, going to parties and clubbing with friends. But because of her conservative family, she could not do these things.

Social Media – A Digital Alternative for Teens

This resulted in her getting addicted to the use of social media. Social media provided her the space to explore the world with the help of a phone. This led her to get obsessed with the culture of likes and comments on social media. She had a friend at school who was very popular and her pics on social media got many likes and comments.

She got jealous and envious because of this. Her online world seemed to break down in front of her eyes. To counter this she created a fake account to get more likes and comments. She would lie and make up fake stories on the social media platforms to get her likes. She would steal money from her parents’ wallets in order to get tattoos on her body and then show off on social media.

Lying Always Catches Up

But eventually, her lies caught up to her as one her friend got to know what she had been up to. The friend exposed her virtual life to everyone – that how she lied and made up stories to get ‘famous’. Her peers started her calling her names in real life like a poser, liar, attention seeker etc.

When her parents got to know about this, they couldn’t believe what had happened under their very nose. They took her out of the school as they couldn’t trust her anymore.

Broken Trust – Broken Lives

The mother got hurt the most and went into depression and later passed away. This shook Surbhi a lot like her mother’s death proved to be too much of her. She carried the guilt of her actions which led to the death of her mother. Later, her dad as well died of a heart attack and left the poor girl alone. While she’s still alive but in her mind, she’s lost and dead inside.

This, unfortunately, is a real story of a teenager. But more importantly, it is not just a story of her. But rather is a story of every other teenager around us. The heart-breaking story is a reminder of how the job of a parent is never enough. The lack of communication between the parent and the child can lead to disastrous consequences.

The need for an Understanding Parent

Appropriate guidance, open communication, moral support, and good understanding is essential and without these, we will have a lot of cases similar to Surbhi in our society. In the end, parents are also children when they are raising children that is way all of us need guidance and support when it comes to parenting.

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