About Us

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Who we are?

We at BrainPundits are trying to help people find themselves, know themselves through psychology. We want people to find the best fitting role for them in their careers, in their relationships and in life in general. We are building a service that will allow people to measure their minds and tell what are their strengths, their weaknesses, what are their opportunities and their threats. Not only that but we are also developing mechanisms so that people can improve their traits and become a more complete individual to attain happiness and wellbeing in life.


What we do?

Providing a multi-stakeholder ecosystem for talent measurement and management. Mapping minds to bridge the gap between industry and education. Life Purpose is defined as: What you love doing? What you are good at? What you can be paid for? What the world needs? BrainPundits is a perfect balance of a multi-stakeholder ecosystem for talent measurement and a tool suite for staff management using SAAS (Software as a Service) cloud platform. With a passion towards providing an elaborative and detailed understanding of an individual, our team of stalwart psychologists, psychometricians and researchers have devised a pool of tests and assessments. We aim to leverage technological services to provide bias-free career advice to help students, parents, job seekers, organizations etc.

BrainPundits offers a network for organizations by enabling and uplifting the future workforce through effective talent measurement practices. The aim is to provide quick-fix solutions to the rising demands of human resources, where we offer a clear and comprehensive solution to resolve the war of talent. We aid individuals in self-discovery through detailed analysis of psychological traits and provide trusted modern recruitment service by evaluating the best-fit candidate on a 4-dimensional psychometric tool. We envision to uplift the workforce by bestowing the best-fit person for the most suitable job.