Best online courses for school and college students – 2020 Edition

online courses for college and school students
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Best online courses for school and college students – 2020 Edition

At a time of uncertainty there is always an anxiety about what will happen. During such times we usually fall into procrastination and activities that aren’t contributing to any meaningful development of ourselves. Time is of the utmost importance if you make the most of it certainly rewards you in the future. Hence we are told to be serious and study from the start of our new session in school/college. It’s almost like a head start where you can build on lead on your fellow students. If we are in a state of lockdown, efforts should be made to make the most of it. Today we will see the best online courses for school and college students – 2020 Edition

But, Why go for online certification or any certifications ?


Precisely because it ante-ups your chances to land a better institution or job or even enhance your resume. You will need a good resume. A better profile is half the battle won for securing a good job in the market. What makes it better is that these certifications certainly improve your chances of landing a better bargain in life meaning a good job. 


The Sooner the better. It will open up a window of opportunity for students who want to learn and get an edge over others. This time can be utilised to pursue gains that can reflect in your personality, your resume, your thinking. 


I have searched and tried to find courses which are economical and credible. All of the courses mentioned below are not more than 100$ where 100 dollars is the upper limit. This means many courses given below will be for 20 dollars or 50 dollars meaning around 2k to 4k rupees. For certification these charges are required. You will have to pay for them to get a certificate.


So, let’s see best online courses for school and college students,


eDX – It is an open learning platform which was founded by Harvard and MIT, edX is home to more than 20 million learners, the majority of top-ranked universities in the world and industry-leading companies. 


  • Critical thinking and problem solving : A course that can help you not only with your academics but in other areas of life as well. Develop your critical thinking abilities right in your youth to reap its reward later in future. Critical thinking ability helps in problem solving and better decision making. 


Course length  21 days
Certification cost 49 dollars
Type  Soft skill


  • Fundamentals of macro economics : An introductory course designed for students who are interested in economics or are planning to take economics. Those who are in 10/11th standard can definitely opt for such a course.  


What can you expect to learn? 

  1. The GDP, its meaning, measurement, and components
  2. The main indicators of the labor market and the nature of unemployment
  3. Savings, investment, and the financial system
  4. The monetary and the banking system
  5. Central banks, monetary policies, and inflation
  6. International trade, capital flows, and exchange rates
  7. Economic fluctuations
  8. Fiscal and monetary policies


Course length  42 days
Certification cost 49 dollars
Type  Academic


  • Rhetoric – Art of public speaking : Public speaking is an art. A course designed by Harvard can help you become a great at public speaking. They have selected speeches of top leaders and analysed their style of public speaking. They have designed a course which can help you understand and then apply structure and style accordingly in your debates. It helps in effective communication and teaches you a thing or two about persuasion. 


Course length  56 days
Certification cost 99 dollars
Type  Extra Curricular


Harvard Online Courses : Harvard provides a range of free online courses from computers to literature to liberal arts. Harvard is one of top three colleges of the world. A certification from here certainly helps one’s case. Most of the courses here which are for free are charged by eDX and are directed when you are wanting to enroll in those courses. Naturally then these courses are charged for certification. 


  • Justice Course : A course where a renowned political philosopher discusses ethics and the idea of justice. Its series of harvard lectures on ethics and politics. These Lectures are delivered by very famous political philosopher Micheal Sandel. These lectures can definitely help students from liberal arts and those interested in ethics. 


Course length  84 days
Certification cost 99 dollars
Type  Liberal Arts/Humanities


  • Introduction to Computer Science (CS50) : As the name says its an introductory course on computer science. It will help in gaining a broad understanding of the subject. One would be taught on data structures, algorithms, software engineering, web development etc. A useful course for 10 standard to college level students to better their profile. 


Course length 84 days
Certification cost 90 dollars
Type  Computers


There are other courses that I found useful but they were above 100 dollars, I am posting down their links so you can have a look at them :


  1. Course in web programming with Python and Java (149 dollars)
  2. Introduction to game development (149 dollars)


Courses on Udemy : You can find an array of courses on Udemy with their ratings and prices listed. Its global online learning platform serves millions of people and provides 1.5 lakh courses. It’s one of the top ranking platforms available globally when we talk about MOOCs.


  • Communications skill master course : A course developed to enhance your persuasion and assertiveness skills especially in a business or professional environment. This Course is a comprehensive course which touches on all aspects of effective communication skills. These are necessary requirements in professional and managerial spheres.


Course duration 29 hours
Certification cost Around 500 Rs
Type  English and Personality Development


  • Diploma in Modern Applied Psychology : Those who are from psychology background can surely look forward to this course as it expounds on Human behavior and reasoning. The course is an introductory course on Psychology and can certainly help in your curriculum oriented studies. Learn about various schools of thought in psychology and apply them. Develop ability to self reflect and critically evaluate. 


Course duration 50 hours
Certification cost Around 400 Rs
Type  Psychology


  • Solar Energy : A course designed on Solar energy which basically covers all aspects of solar energy from harnessing to to storage to transfer. Solar energy is a renewable form of energy which has shown much potential to reduce usage of conventional sources of energy. A course in it can definitely benefit you ahead when you sit for placements and interviews if you are a core engineering student.


Course duration 3-5 hours
Certification cost Around 500 Rs
Type  Core Engineering/Science

  • Quantum physics for quantum computing: If you are interested and familiar with quantum physics and quantum computing then this course is for you. This is a foundational course in fact a theoretical coverage of quantum physics taught for quantum computing. You will be taught quantum entanglement and superposition using simulators. (Sounds exciting!)


Course duration  2 -3 hours
Certification cost Around 400 Rs
Type  Science

  • Course in Microeconomics: Interested in human behavior and economics. Well Udemy has an Academic course made fun and interactive on Microeconomics. The course is updated and contains wonderful lectures on Macroeconomics. It makes it easier for microeconomics to be easy and understandable. So if you are struggling or have tough time dealing with Microeconomics may be a fresh perspective and new outlook can help.


Course duration  17 hours
Certification cost Around 500 rs
Type  Economics


  • A beginner to Advance course on Excel : A course that can help in professional work required in almost all professional spheres. The course covers the basics like most common excel functions to more complex ones. It teaches you how to maintain large data sets and create reports efficiently on time. 


Course duration  17 hours
Certification cost Around 500 rs
Type  Microsoft Excel


  • Gamification Certification : Designing Gamification (Level 1) is the only online course accredited by the to deliver Engagement Expert Certification at the introductory level. Here you will learn the basics of gamification and engagement science, and how this new design trend will affect your business from a practical, non-academic perspective.


The course offers :


  1. What gamification is and isn’t
  2. The foundations of the discipline
  3. How gamification will transform your industry
  4. The canonical types of gamification
  5. An intro to key engagement science
  6. Relevant Examples across industries and design types


Course duration  10 Hours
Certification cost Around 500 rs
Type  Game Mechanics


  • AutoCAD Course : Computer Aided design software system which is usually used in construction of 2D or 3D images. The Autocad usually has engineering applications right from design stage to manufacturing stage. The course is for both beginners and those who are seasoned. The course is comprehensive in coverage and interactive. 


Course duration  19 hours
Certification cost Around 500  rs
Type  Engineering


So, these were some of the top and economical courses that are listed on one of the best online learning platforms. Enroll yourself in one and make the best of this opportunity.

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Goodluck !!

(Best online courses for school and college students – 2020 Edition)


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