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We at brainpundits help students make best choices for themselves. We help students to explore themselves, discover their abilities, thinking process and  know the power of their minds in a scientific way. To improve their ability to make good choices pertaining to their career, relations, prospects and their overall happiness. Brainpundits Career Guidance test certainly helps you make good choices.


Our philosophy 

We believe in “ikagai”, a purpose for your life. Your life to be more meaningful and joyous is our intent.

Ikagai is the convergence of the four elements that govern your life :

  1. To know what are you good at?
  2. What you are paid for?
  3. To know what you love?
  4. What the world needs ?


Convergence of 4 means a meaningful and prosperous life. This can be reached by making better choices in life. And for that we are here to help you guide you through your most important and wonderful years of your growth. 


Through our psychometric tests and counselling we provide students a holistic package of services that help students to make best possible choices from early on in their lives. We provide a normative course correction and qualitative better decision making with respect to career, relations and other important life choices.

Career Guidance test

Our upgraded version of the test now provides you with a holistic assessment of your personality and ability. Further your score is then tallied with 72 different careers and then recommends a total of top 20 careers for you.


We present you with comprehensive report which tells you the following :

  1. Top Jobs
  2. Top colleges
  3. Their cut offs and past trends
  4. Job duties and responsibilities
  5. Required skillset and knowledge 
  6. Working styles


How do we do it?


Well, we do it by comprehensively evaluating your

  1. Aptitude
  2. Intelligence
  3. Personality (Big 5)
  4. Interest
  5. Our own Innovation SOCH metric


Through a psychometric test. This test is not exactly an academic test that happens in your school or college but one where you can actually know what you are and realize your potential. We test you on 110 different dimensions and around 700 different data points.


Our Objective

Is to help students discover which career they are most fit. So that they may start their journey on developing those skills, abilities, knowledge and soft skills to meet their goals. We help students to have ambitions and fulfill those ambitions in life.    


Other than testing we also provide for training to help students improve their own ability and reach greater heights. 


We have  5 tests under the career guidance tests. Our tests are broadly divided into lines of streams that are offered in school upon completion of matriculation:

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  1. Non medical
  2. Medical
  3. Commerce
  4. Arts
  5. General Career Guidance test


It’s here in these streams that a student who is either already in the science domain can look upto top 20 desirable careers for his/her future and those who are deciding to opt for a career in science can plan their career ahead well in advance. This means we chalk out all domain specific career and fetch you the top 20 careers that can help your career goals. The same can be said about other three streams related career tests (5th being exception)


We intend to provide comprehensive coverage of your ability and match that with our repository to find best suitable careers for you. 


The 5th test is General Career guidance tests for those who are in any domain but would like to change or move to another domain. This test can also be given by those students who are yet to decide on their choice of stream and are currently in 10th standard or at a point where they are confused about what stream to opt for. This test works over 72 careers and suggests top 20 careers based upon your performance in the psychometric test. 


We offer comprehensive reports 

The report has detailed explanations and interpretation of your score. This indicates your abilities and your personality. It provides a way forward to work on your weak areas and develop your personality to attain your life goals and aim in life. 


How do we decide which career forms best choices for a student ?

We have done our homework. We have studied and researched jobs to find out their characteristics. A particular job may require a certain amount of ability mixed with personality traits which help people excel further progressively. Our tests are corroborated by assigning certain weights to abilities and personality traits which are ideal for a particular job type. We measure students ability and personality traits through our tests which then finds best possible top 20 matches from our career library. 


For example in Managerial roles :

  1. Good Decision making skill is required
  2. Extraversions helps (OCEAN model)
  3. Conflict management
  4. Leadership traits
  5. Gregariousness helps


Such skills help become a successful manager. 


Another example in research roles :

  1. Good Analytical skills
  2. Lower on extraversion helps (OCEAN model)
  3. Good in both mathematical and linguistic Intelligence
  4. High on Conscientiousness (OCEAN model)
  5. Phlegmatic temperament


Our psychometric tests also measure motivations of students to better gauge what motivates them to do certain tasks more than others. This helps them understand themselves better.


Why should you believe in Our tests ?

Our tests are standardised and valid in measure. We have made this test with help of our Psychologists and Experts to provide a robust mechanism for students to better understand themselves. These psychological tools are rigorously tested and definitely reliable as we have applied scientific assessment and principles in building these tests. Our tests provide you with an objective assessment of your ability and personality.


Personality Assessment :

Big 5 Factor Personality test. It Is the most reliable test used world over. We have used a comprehensive measure of it. We employ a comprehensive measure of the Big 5 personality traits which measure about 30 sub facets under the Big 5 dimensions. The report then generated is a detailed and comprehensive measure of one’s traits and characteristics. It highlights strengths and weaknesses where a student can work to improve on him/herself.


Core Cognition (Aptitude)

For measuring aptitude we have  a good combination of logical reasoning ability, linguistic ability and intellectual ability. Measuring all the three factors one can easily assess cognitive potential of students and make better judgements. Our tests standardised and revised accordingly to measure accurately your acumen and intelligence. By revising we make sure that practice effect doesn’t come into play when a student is giving a test . 


Interest test

Our Interests test is another test we use to gauge where your interest lies and then augment it with our other test modules to present a holistic picture. We measure you on 400 different topics. We then evaluate you over those topics and through our process we then compare it with your job/ career to provide only the most suitable careers for you.


IQ test (Intelligence Quotient)

We have our own standardised IQ test where we measure your intelligence. The intelligence measures abstract intelligence, pattern recognition, problem solving ability. It is an important facet of yourself. Leaving no stone unturned we have included this test also and corroborated it with our psychometric test.


SOCH Approach (Our innovation)

SOCH is the acronym that we at Brainpundits have come up with about four dominant inclinations that we, as people, may have.


These are :

S-tats (good with data, numbers, facts and figures),

O-bjects (good with machines, tools, and new technology),

C-oncepts (good in dealing with abstract concepts and being original)

H-umans (the more people-oriented person who is comfortable with interacting with people and maintaining interpersonal relations).


We test you under these 4 broad inclinations. We have categorised jobs under these 4 heads depending upon which inclinations seems to be overriding the other 3 inclinations. There can be one or to inclinations/dimensions which dominate in a sector or field. This allows us to use psychometry to find true interests and present it to you in a definitive manner.

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What happens after you give the test/s ?

The report

Upon giving the career guidance test you get a detailed report. We suggest you study and discuss with us, your parents and most importantly yourself. Our detailed reports are about 65 pages that allows you to understand yourself on personality, cognition, interest, IQ and motivation culminating into ikagai. A convergence which is required to lead a meaningful and prosperous life.


Articles and Videos

Further depending upon your strengths and weakness deciphered via the report our technology generates a set of cued articles and videos which you should watch to help yourself become a better version of yourself. They are carefully selected for your own benefit and its selection depends upon your psychometric profile.

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Med Career Compatibility test 

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Arts Career Compatibility test 

Mega Career Compatibility test


(You can give the test in one go or intervals)

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