Getting a Job after 12th standard 

getting a job after 12th standard
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Getting a Job after 12th standard is a task. In this article we discuss some career alternatives upon completion of 12th standard.  On completion of 12th standard you become an a Higher Secondary graduate. There is no special reference term that is used in India to indicate that you have passed 12th standard or completed your schooling. This might also indicate that the pool of jobs here is not so deep.

But, it’s because of this obscurity. The article would like to shed some light on career avenues one can seek on completion of 12th standard. There can be many reasons for a person to seek job after 12th standard. 

These reasons could be,

  • Family problems 

  • Financial issues

  • Not interested in pursuing further education

  • Other reasons like getting married etc

Whatever the reasons may be. For every reason it’s better to pursue graduation. Why? Simply because it enhances your prospect of getting better salaried jobs or generate more income. Also, because in India graduation is the norm. Many examinations keep graduation as minimum criteria of eligibility. A person can pursue graduation from IGNOU which has less fees than other colleges. However, you must know its an Open University but a Central University.

Nevertheless, If a job is what you seek most on completion of 12 standard then here are some alternatives which will land you a job with minor inconveniences,

  • SSC CHSL –

    SSC (Staff Selection Commission) conducts CHSL for Group C jobs in central government. The exam is conducted annually.  Preparing for an exam is a task but If you looking for a stable salaried job then this is one of the best alternatives. Not to forget it provides job security. 

            Eligibility is Passed 12th standard

            Salary estimate – 20,000 to 30,000 INR monthly


  • NDA – 

    Joining the forces are good alternative if your seeking a Job. I am sorry its not a job but a service. You become an officer of Army/Navy/Airforce. For those who have opted for PCM (phy,chem,math) can apply for all three but for others only Army is allowed. 

            Eligibility is passed 12th standard

            Salary during training is 21,000 INR (4+ years)

            After becoming a lieutenant 60 -70k INR monthly


  • Sales Job – 

    Banks and private companies require sales persons for pushing their product and generating product awareness. The Job profile would be that of a person selling product door to door or campaigning wherever they should.

            Here a person is absorbed in the company and is given training which is usually about their product and company’s values.

            During training a person is also given stipend in some cases.

            Many will be assigned ground duties some will be given office operations.

            Eligibility passed 12th standard

            Salary is 8,000 to 18,000 INR.

            In many cases it is also based on performances where one is given according to their performance.


  • Customer Service Operators – 

    A call center job is also an alternative if one wants to seek a job in no time. Such jobs are easily available and requires proficiency in English. With the e-commerce business expanded and other reasons, many organisations are now looking for people who speak Hindi or regional languages for regional operations. 

            Eligibility is 10th or 12th pass

            Salary is 15,000 to 20,000 INR monthly.


  • Data Entry Operator –

    People are employed for data entry work. Such Jobs keep coming up because of startups and small businesses are expanding and going digital. There is a requirement of persons to edit work for them. 

            These jobs are specific kind. Usually people are kept for sometime on a payroll or on contract (atleast in private). 

            Eligibility 12th pass

            Salary is 6,000 to 15,000 INR monthly


  • SSC MTS –

    Multi Tasking Staff are staff jobs. The exam is conducted by Staff selection commission. The job requirement will maintenance of records, supervising of small works and maintaining files as daily work.

            In MTS jobs are classified in Group D with some exceptions and in CHSL one starts from Group C jobs. 

            Eligibility is Matriculation (10th pass)

            Salary is 18,000 – 23,000 INR monthly.


  • Police Constable –

    Indian Police Service has more than 90 percent force as constabulary force. A constabulary force is backbone of any police force. It does the most important field work which comprises of policing, disciplining, maintaining public order, etc. Most Importantly,  Constable is an entry level job in the police force. They can go up to sub inspector rank during their career.

            The many states of India from time to time announce vacancies of Constables in state police.

            The UT (Union Territories) also do the same.

            The physical efficiency test (PET) is tough comprises of running, long jump and high jump etc. 

            Eligibility 12th Pass

            Salary is 30,000 – 40,000 INR monthly


  • Merchant Navy : 

    A career in merchant is lucrative one. Many students prefer to join it since it offers a good salary. The only problem is that you will mostly be in waters throughout the year with only 2-3 months on land. 

            Those who have done their 12th in PCM (Physics – Chemistry – Mathematics) are eligible to apply.

            Further, the candidates are required to be unmarried at the time of applying and for sometime.

            There is a written test, interview and medical examination.

            Merchant navy is different from the navy as Navy is Defense force of a country whereas,

            Merchant navy is a commercial navy operation on International trade.

            Eligibility 12th pass with PCM

            Salary – 30,000 and above (entry level). Some earn 1 lakh per month after career progression.

To Conclude,

There are opportunities. The point is to look further ahead. No matter what be the case make consistent efforts. Subsequently, it’s my suggestion or advice that you should pursue graduation. It’s a minimum criteria for good job prospects in life. Make good with your life.

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Good luck !!!

(Getting a Job after 12th standard)



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