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Psychometrics and recruitment
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How many of you believe or are of the opinion that intelligence is equivalent to success. If your answer is yes that intelligent people are successful people. Then I am sorry to break it to you but this is certainly not the case. Though it can be said that intelligent people are more favorable to be successful but there are other factors that determine your success. Have you ever felt that after giving a recruitment test you seem dissatisfied with the outcome since it was not a true representation of your capacity. This has certainly happened to me. Psychometrics are the future of recruitment.

But before that in Malcom Gladwell’s Outliers one pushed to think that intelligence is not the sole determinant of how successful you become in life. That there are other things such as how one deals with authority, their social conditions, age, etc all are to be factored in to understand what makes one successful. Therefore thinking if you are intelligent will make you successful is certainly wishful thinking. 

But, what is Success? Or What does being successful mean?

Before one moves ahead, let’s define what success is. There can be many definitions of success, to each his/her own. But to define materially and spiritually you can safely assume expansion of choices. To explain more simply to attain/afford a good education level (graduate/ post graduate level), a house, a car, a family and health insurance. 

Now, there can be a definition that one imagines him/herself as a commercial pilot, only then he/she considers him/her successful. The contours of success can be goal oriented or ambition sensitive. It can be in terms of what one desires. So, there is no doubt it’s subjective. But you can safely assume the above written in italics as what being successful means for most of us.

In my opinion, there are 3 primary factors that determine your success. (sure there are other factors but for simplistic understanding)

  1. Access to resources (/social conditions)

  2. Your personality 

  3. Your Intelligence/Aptitude

What do one make of these above mentioned factors?

To give you a general idea, access to resources means how much of education can one afford not compounding on problems like food, water and shelter/housing. This means being well off certainly helps one’s case. Your Personality is a very important component which I believe is neglected or poorly assessed by recruiting agencies and other institutes (but more on that later). The aptitude which is primarily assessed through written tests.

Your personality,

Is perhaps the most unaccounted and grossly undervalued when it comes to your overall assessment. Your personality and your aptitude combined gives a better and fuller idea of who you are. When talking about India there are hardly any companies which use psychometric tests to assess personality. Usually there is an interview or in some cases a test and an interview. To classify an interview as an personality assessment can be called a hyperbole. 

Why is personality important ?

Personality is what determines your ability to cope with challenges, present innovative ideas, conflict management, emotional intelligence, cooperation, mental fortitude, grit, social skills, etc. 

Personality is a unique expression. It’s sum total of one’s thoughts and behaviors. Personality explains why some people are more at ease with other people around while others prefer to be alone. It explains why some people are more willing to risk it all than others who would rather play safe. It explains why some people are more mentally strong and others not so. 

What is a psychometric test?

Psychometric tests are psychological tests which are performed to measure and assess a person’s cognitive, affective and behavioral aspects of an individual or differences between individuals.

Other than aptitude Psychometrics measures a person’s dexterity, capacity, psychological aspects. Hence, in terms of overall assessment it beats the conventional aptitude tests and interview on many grounds. These are :

Psychometrics are certainly superior and better than an aptitude test and interview process. In fact in many ways it can help improve the interview process and make it much more transparent and authentic. 

A study,

In the UK (United Kingdom), London School of Economics found out that as much as 70 Percent of the companies use psychometric tests for recruitment purposes. The west uses it why not us (India). Although there are some companies that have started to open up their gates for psychometrics, there is still much to do. Awareness and trust factor are yet to establish in India. 

Importance of psychometrics in India is immense. However, it isn’t being utilized very much. A report published in Economics times published in 2016. 50 % of the companies had admitted to never using psychometrics. One in three never explored it. Willis Tower Watson conducted a study named “The State of psychometrics in India” which found out domestic companies were more inclined to psychometric testing and MNC’s in India avoided it. 

This points to the fact that Small – Medium Companies are likely to try psychometrics. There may be a reason for MNCs not going for psychometrics because they may have their own aptitude tests (or maybe psychometrics in few cases) which are standardized. However, it’s a misconception that MNCs don’t require Psychometrics In fact in specific job roles an aptitude test followed by an interview is a poor tool to find a suitable talent. In conventional ways of recruitment by MNCs which can be easily bypassed through adequate training. However, psychometrics can be standardized to find inconsistencies and veracity of responses. 

Personality plays a very important role in job profiles. Finding the right personality is far more important than a person higher in aptitude. It may well be the case where you find yourself with a person possessing the aptitude but poor in work performance. What psychometrics does is that it provides adequate assessment over personality (traits- behavioral), aptitude and intelligence. 

What do we offer ?

You should have guessed by now. We offer Psychometric tests. But what is so different about us is that we offer B2C (Business to Customer) as well as B2B (business to business). Will talk about B2B later. 

From B2C perspective, there are two very important products that we offer for students (9/10th onwards) are :

  1. Stream Selection test
  2. Career Guidance test

These are standalone tests where a student is required to give this psychometric test. Upon completion you will be given a report. The report entails an objective assessment of your personality, aptitude and interests. Based on your performance a report presents not just aptitude assessment but interest and personality. 

What to do when you have given the test and have gotten the report?

We provide you a decision making tool which is based on science and applied psychology. We use Big 5 factor NEO PI R (Personality Inventory Revised) which has emerged as a robust mechanism of testing personality objectively. Moreover, it has gained substantial popularity due to its application worldwide across many nationalities. It is the best recourse to take when doing personality assessment of a pool of candidates or otherwise. 

A tutorial on how to use our report to take better decision,

Upon getting report (example career guidance) :

Step 1 : Read the whole report and understand yourself through the report which we provide. We cover about 30 facets of personality, about 72 interests, and aptitude.

Step 2 : Think about your goals and aspirations. Do they match with our report? If they differ, then the gap is effort you need to put in to reorient yourself on the right path or maybe you are looking in the wrong direction. Maybe the right way is where the report is highlighting. In any of 

Step 3 : Consult and bring your parents onboard. Tell them about our test/s. Take them into confidence. Use our tests and your academic history to a calculated decision on career path.

Step 4 : Our top career recommendations and interests both are to be taken into account. Also, your academic scores should be factored in with other our reports. See what top 5 careers are and do your interests match with them. Now see how you are in those fields through your academic scores. Let me tell you this average and anything above average is good enough to pursue that career/field/sector.  So, don’t stress too much on academics. (Average is alright)

Step 5 : Take advice from people who are in those top sectors in which you wish to venture. If you don’t have such a facility then it’s alright. Sit and think over, Narrow it down to 2 choices, eliminating others on basis of intensity of interests, education costs/investment, viability, time (in years) etc.

Step 6 : Use the higher ranking or suggested as your primary career aim and 2nd as insurance. Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket. 

To Conclude,

Nelson Mandela once said that our children are the rock on which our future will be built, our greatest asset as a nation.They will be the leaders of our country, the creators of our national wealth who care for and protect our people. We believe students/children are our asset. It is collectively our duty as a society to help youth/students make the best decisions in their life. We intend to make that process much more scientific and reliable. 

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