How to become a Nutritionist

How To Be A Nutritionist
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Ever gone to a gym and have gotten advice regarding what to eat and when. Next time whenever you get advice please ask them if they are certified nutritionists or dieticians. In today’s article I would like to discuss how to become a nutritionist. Thanks to technological advancement and fitness culture in India we are witnessing a growing demand in careers such as Nutritionist and Dietitian.

Nutritionism in India as a career option has gained substantial credibility especially after growth of urban centers and metropolitans. Where people are living a fast paced life and there is need or desire to stay fit and efficient. Also, last year our Prime Minister had launched Fit India Movement which is nothing but a movement which promotes healthy living and fitness culture. The mission statement of Fit India movement says “the Fit India Movement is a movement to take the nation on a path of fitness and wellness. It provides a unique and exciting opportunity to work towards a healthier India. As part of the movement, individuals and organisations can undertake various efforts for their own health and well-being as well as for the health and well-being of fellow Indians.”

To know more about fit India movement visit FitINDIA

By clicking above you can get tips or organize an event, now, even the government is interested in nutrition.

Before we move ahead,

Difference between Nutritionist and Dietitian :

Apart from legal differences between the two, I think when you are fighting with chronic issues like Poor eating habits, obesity, Overweight or hospitalisation etc you go see a dietitian or a dietitian helps you out. When one talks about nutritionists you see it as a subset of dietitian, if you want to improve and get better than what you already are you should see a nutritionist or you will find one easily because certified or not nutritionists can be anyone including you. This also means there is less or no regulation regarding being a nutritionist. Contrary to Dietitian who are strictly regulated.

To become a nutritionist :

The best way to for is doing B.Sc in in Food Science and Nutrition. But that requires a science subjects (PCM – Physics/Chemistry/Math) as 12 standard subjects. However, there is another way to go about it (but will discuss that later).

Step 1 :

Upon Completion of 12th standard with science, enroll in B.Sc Food Science and Nutrition or Dietitian program for a 3 year course in a College.

The colleges which Offer B.Sc in Food Science :

  • Maharaja Sayajirao University
  • Quantum School of Health Sciences
  • Delhi University
  • Chandigarh group of colleges
  • Tamil Nadu Agricultural university
  • JD Birla Institute
  • SNDT University (girls)
  • Institute of Home Economics

Step 2 :

Go for M.Sc from a reputed Institute in Food Science or Food technology.

Some good colleges :

National Institute of Nutrition
Amity University
Lady Irwin College
All India Institute of Hygiene and public health

Step 3 :

After completing your masters and qualifying from such top institutes will get you a good Internship and later a good job opportunity either in govt or private sector. In essence you are now getting paid for what you were interested in doing.

An investment of about 5+ years.

Since, I had talked about another way to go about it, Let’s talk about that :

You can also do online certifications/ Diploma :

The best thing about this is it may not require you have a Science background. So, those students from non science backgrounds who wish to pursue becoming nutritionists. There is certainly a way which is through online certifications and Diplomas

Some of them are :

You can earn certifications from here then look for opportunities in :

  1. Health Care
  2. Fitness Industry (Gym and Crossfit)
  3. Freelancing and consulting
  4. Online Consulting
  5. Teaching/Life Coach
  6. Sports Nutritionist

As a nutritionist you do offer counselling and customized diet plans to your clients but you would tend to avoid those who have a medical condition. You may ask why ? because it is the domain of the Dietitian.

The salary of a Nutritionist ranges somewhere between : 15000 to 60,000 INR monthly.

So, you see, there is a lot of scope in Nutrition Science.


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Goodluck !!!

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