Positive Parenting: for Right Career Selection for your Children

positive parenting
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Positive Parenting

What is positive parenting? What comes to your mind when you hear the word good parenting? Majority of the children are born ‘gifted’ and merely require the correct career path to become ‘geniuses’. Alan Arkin, an American – Actor compares career to a large ocean and choosing career option to deciding which wave to take and which not to take.

Some waves are big and some small, going is sometimes rough and sometimes calm and life certainly is not a steady march to glory….Then the big question is how to discover and exercise the right choice?

If seniors try to compel their children to select a stream according to their own choices, for which their children do not have the least interest, the result may sometimes be disastrous. Most parents wish their children to make them proud and be rich and famous.

They perceive their offsprings to be an extension of themselves, considering them as an entity rather than individual in their own rights, with needs and desires of their own.

Parents have a vital role in building a right career for their children. Parents are justified to wish their teenagers all the success and the best ‘survival instinct of the fittest’ in the modern world is to be equipped with the right career path.

But, are the parents equipped to play the right role as career guides for their children? A simple reality is that the world is a very different place today, to the one which was faced by parents when making study, training or career-related decisions regarding themselves. Positive parenting is about understanding the need of a child.

New jobs are being created all the time, and it seems many naukaris open to young people today didn’t even exist a decade ago. Over the last twenty years or so, the school, college and career search process has become extremely complicated, to be left to individual families to explore!
In this complex world, who then is helping your child to discover the right subjects or opt for correct career selection? Fortunately, there are many avenues today like advertisements, internet, u-tubes, websites and people involved in the process including teachers, career counselors, and tutors etc. The challenge is that they may have their own biases and perspective, against which we need to protect the child.

Then there is peer pressure and herd mentality to ward off. In this entire gamut, what is definitely missing is a scientific method for effective stream and career selection. So what should a father or mother do? Whom to consult? What method to adopt? so that there is less likelihood of making a mistake and there are more chances of success.


Positive Parenting


What is required in the present millennium is the well-researched methodology for scientific career selection, which naturally encompasses all the evolving aspects of its process to provide an optimum result? www.brainpundits.com offers proven, unbiased online psychometric assessment and mind development tools for students and professionals which are conducted online. The test analyzes and co-relates four major factors that contribute towards what makes a human self-stick. The instant result of an online test based on the advance algorithms especially calibrated for Indian population can help identify, what you are good at by knowing your preference, passion, inclination, abilities & skill and infer best available options.




The best time to explore career options and select right subjects is when youngster completes 9th class and are promoted to 10th class in school. In India, the board examination of 10+2 is the most important time for a student. It is the right juncture of taking a correct decision on what to choose as a career from the available options.


There is no harm in changing the selection mid-way, rather than continuing on with a costly mistake,  the pressure to “be” something starts early in life. Many children wish to become sportspersons, actors, photographer, rock stars or astronauts, but then their parents, peers and teachers begin to exert influence —even before young people even know where their inclinations lie. This conundrum is all too common. It isn’t easy to decide on career option that will determine the rest of life, especially at the tender age of a teenager. It does not help that often even parents are left confused about the right advice themselves.

Discovering CHILD’s IDENTITY:

To know the combination of characteristics or qualities that form your children’s distinctive character is important. The most compelling are factors of personality, which determine which career would be most suitable.

Self-knowledge, particularly non-judgemental, is an incredibly important skill to help define your child,  to understand what makes them tick and what their thought processes are and who they are as a person. While paying attention to their thought processes and patterns must practice attentive non-judgment, meaning thereby of being aware of thought patterns and acknowledging them, but not beating up over them. Look specifically for the ways in which they identify themselves and their core values and not define themselves based on outside forces because outside forces are volatile and subject to constant change. By basing their self-definition on core values, they will have a better chance of having a stable self-definition and not lose their self-identity. But this process is an extremely difficult method so using psychometric tests is easier and more reliable!


Psychometric assessments or career tests for children are standard scientific tests used to measure student’s mental capabilities, behavioral style & cognitive abilities. These tests are designed to measure a person’s affinity for a course, stream or role based on the required personality characteristics and aptitude for the same. Thus Psychometric Career Assessments are designed specially to answer to your child’s career-related questions. There are no wrong answers to any of the questionnaire.


Positive Parenting can really bring a difference in your children life. Do you agree?

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