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6 Essential Points You Should Keep in Mind Before Selecting Stream After 10th

Selecting stream after 10th standard Reading Time: 3 minutes

Selecting stream after 10th standard is a mandatory process of schools in India. Every 10th standard student who has passed through it knows it. Since, it is based on gradation, it most likely creates a hierarchy.


This type of structure creates a superiority-inferiority relationship. However, your merit i.e your CBSE/ICSE score is only a facet of your potential and capability.


It’s better to know which career path you choose from the earliest. This way you can even diversify your options depending upon your career choices. Choosing a right stream will reflect in in your career growth and skill development. It could be Humanities (Arts), Commerce or Science


Selecting stream after 10th standard


Here are 6 tips you can use make a better decision


  • Your Scorecard: 


Reflects your current ability and more importantly talent. There are some subjects where we score better than others with the least amount of effort compared to others. This is your area of interest you must keep in mind when selecting a stream.


  • See where your Interests are:

Finding your hobbies and interests

The scores will only take you so far. For a better career growth, it is your interests which will take you ahead in life. The score is a momentary reflection of your ability which is subject to change.



  • Get advice from working/experienced persons:  


Seek advice from people who choose different stream and progressed different career paths. This will make you understand demand in various fields. For example, science stream may enable you as an engineer later get jobs depending on which sector you choose mechanical/electrical/computers etc.



  • Don’t put all eggs in one basket:

All Eggs In One Basket

You must keep in mind when selecting a stream that you should not select your stream based on your liking or aversion. A careful attempt should be made to deliberate over career potential and diversification. Example, if you are choosing commerce without mathematics then you can think about future career opportunities as commerce without mathematics might restrict your future opportunities, like you cannot become a chartered accountant or would have the problem in pursuing MBA.



  • Don’t go by what your friends are choosing:

Easier said than done, choosing career should take precedence over what your friends are taking. Trust me 5-10 years down the line you will have problems even remembering their names. However, do talk to them to know what streams they are selecting and most importantly why? To get a better picture.



  • Taking parents into confidence:

talking to parents

You can do this by making them aware of potential career options you can have. Take them into confidence. This will help your case, you can even bring an experienced person to vouch for your case.


To get a more comprehensive approach you look at our other metrics and test which enable you to make a smart decision about your career.

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