Why perseverance is important ?

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Today we are going to talk about Perseverance and precisely try to answer why perseverance is important. Its importance and why it is rewarding. It most certainly helps you sustain in the worst times of your life. 


But first what is perseverance ?


Imagine you don’t feel like doing something, but still you do it. Probably because you know that somewhere in the future. The effort you are putting right now will fetch you Good results. It just may be that currently you might not be getting any rewards or appreciation but you still put in the effort regardless of what your current situation is like. 


Let me give you an example,


Supposedly, A tenth class student who has had poor score in english through his previous academic years. One day decides to do something about it. So, he purchased a grammar book and started off with it. Don’t forget he is in 10th and struggling with English subject. He starts off with reading grammar and initially doesn’t make sense to him or finds it harder to grasp. Then he comes to “Tenses”, he gets more confused than ever. Here is his test of personality: His character. If he gives up now. And probably say to himself that he only has to pass english. He is probably going to struggle with English in reading/writing/expressing. But if he chooses to Persevere through it all (tenses and other tough areas if english grammar) He will have improved and become better than he was before he decided to do something about it.  


Perseverance then is the dogged effort despite the current outcomes of struggles that you may be facing/experiencing.


From this story you learnt two very Important things, take a moment and Guess them… These are :


  1. There is no shortcut or smart way of cutting your effort. You will have to put in the effort. So, don’t shy away from it rather embrace it. Value effort.
  2. Life is all about choices, Choosing to persist and stay with “Tenses” would be a nightmare for that boy. But he still did so. Now what you should know is that he will not become a genius by persisting. But he will be a little better in tenses now and probably better in  English grammar too. He probably might just become Public speaker in English. Who knows if he carries the genuine effort in English.


Remember you can always change for the better. But you should have the will to change for the good of yourself. 


Ways that can help cultivate perseverance as a trait :


  • Rewarding Yourself : Why you should put in the effort ? You will have to learn to value effort. Work hard to get better at things in which you are lacking. Example : Academics, if Eric has struggled in this area consistently then he probably has not put in the required amount of effort that is needed. And remember effort comes before reward. 


Try to imagine getting rewarded, all the appreciation you will receive if you score better in academics. The Problem is how you do that. Effort is the Answer. You will have to study and make sure that you are absorbing and understanding what you read and not simply read text. Eric has to make an effort to understand every small thing there in the book. That requires effort and initially, a lot has to be put in. But the reward is much more sweeter and impactful. Eric will learn to value effort when he puts in the effort and gets reward. The problem here is that the reward will take time, he needs to preserve/persist a lot first and probably face some setbacks or  failures. And that’s alright.


  • Practice Delaying Gratification : Learn to control feelings and urges which promote bad habits. Like talking too long with friends, Indulging in bad habits, playing video games for long hours, or Staying too long on social media. Learn to Study first and then reward yourself by spending some time on playing video games or social media. But first Study or do what is most important. As Student Academics is the most important so Studying first will help. 


Think about it this way if you’re going to study for two hours. Try to learn as much as you can. And while learning if you are tempted to play video games or your mind wanders then you fight that thought. This helps you to learn to control your mind. Your mind is like the steering wheel of the car. You don’t want to crash in life. Be the master of your mind.


  • Sticking to a routine schedule : It is what will decide your future. It enforces discipline. Sticking to a routine always helps. The problem is sometimes it becomes hard to follow it. But Nevertheless you should keep on trying. Doesn’t matter if you fail a few times/not keeping a schedule. The point is to keep trying to follow a schedule. 


You can have a checklist of things that you want to accomplish every morning and literally checking them off your list will activate your reward center and give a sense of joy/accomplishment.  One of the most important reasons to define an action as a ‘goal’ is that it needs to be viewed as something with a beginning, middle and end.


  • Change your mindset : Carol dweck, Professor at Stanford and author of the bestseller Growth Mindset,  had argued that our society is such that validates and praises talent and intelligence over hard work/ effort. Your approach from now on should be to value effort and forget about intelligence. Whatever level you are on currently you should try to focus on effort and hard work, not all talented or intelligent people are most successful people. 


In Bhagavad gita, it is written Nishkama karma, Forget about what the result would be just put in the effort. Your approach should be somewhat like this. Forget about the result and work as hard as you can. Sooner or later you will be rewarded.


  • Being perseverant and disciplined will generally reward you in life. How you may ask? Well if you are both persevering and disciplined you will be able to do a lot in less time as compared to your peers. Life is in many ways like race the earlier to achieve the better the rewards. The more you achieve the more comfortable and prospering your future becomes. Surely you want to become head of the company or Captain of your ship. But not everyone becomes that.


So, In essence, persevering will help you stick longer with books even at times when you are not scoring well. And like I said Sooner or later you will get rewarded (if you are genuinely putting in the effort). The point is you have to be disciplined enough to not get bothered or distracted but Be persevering enough to sail through times where you are either bored or faced a setback or disturbed or had a fight with your friend  or got irritated but you keep putting in the effort.  

Goodluck !

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