Do you think you are fit for the Indian Army?


If a grenade is dropped in your trench what would you do?


Which of these movies you want to watch on your Birthday?

You are in a mall and you suddenly notice a person shooting bullets at the public. What do you do?


How would you defend yourself from an attacker?


If World War 3 happens then which role would you want to do in the army?


When does a soldier immediately attend A.I.T.?


Which is the largest?


If you are stuck in the jungle what do you do?


Do you think you are fit for the Indian Army?
You are an Indian Army Officer

You are a Indian Army Soldier

You are not fit for the army

You are a support staff

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  1. I love my country and I will protect our country. I give my all life of our country protect for atankvadi. Or apne desh ke logo ko surakshit rkhonga .

  2. Every Indian should be getting a compulsory Army training for future tackling of disastrous circumstances arousing out of environment, social and neighborhood issues….jai hind

  3. My country is my most important part of my being, it will be an honour to give my life for the protection of my motherland. Though a teacher by profession but I am a soldier at heart ! May my country India always prosper !!
    Salute to Indian Army !!!!

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